Undergraduate Standards

What follows is the current version of the Standards for Arts Administration Undergraduate Program Curricula, as developed by AAAE. In general, these standards parallel the Graduate Standards that already exist. Like the Graduate Standards, this initiative was intended to frame and foster a more productive dialogue between practitioners, decision-makers, and leaders in arts and culture.

The current draft dates from spring 2012. The statements below under “Introductory Content Specific to the Undergraduate Standards” are new; the Arts Administration Principles and Practices standards are also new and are specific to undergraduate programs. We are aware that internal editorial inconsistencies exist and that there are content issues that remain to be addressed. Editing for those issues as well as style, consistency, and parallelism between the documents is underway.


Undergraduate Standards for Arts Administration Program Curricula Committee

Lawrence Epstein, co-chair Drexel University
Brea Heidelberg, co-chair Rider University
Susan Badger Booth Eastern Michigan University

View the AAAE Undergraduate Standards for Arts Administration Program Curricula (PDF download)